Forest Edge Dalyellup Subdivision

  • Location: Dalyellup, WA
  • Client: Piara Landholdings
  • Timeframe-For-Completion: 28 Months
  • Contract Value: $3-4 Million

During the peak of a building and construction boom our team in the South West were awarded multiple stages of subdivisions for Forest Edge in Dalyellup. The stages comprised of 6C, 6D, 7B and 7D that were produced over two years with a small crew and numerous subcontractors. Scope of works involved earthworks, retaining wall construction, major underground works (including installation of stormwater, sewer, water reticulation, underground power and NBN), footpaths and concrete works, installation of street lights, dewatering and ASS Soil Management, and roadworks. Our team completed the stages on schedule as requested by the principal to meet deadlines for title release.