Jindowie Estate Stage 18 & 19

  • Location: Yanchep, WA
  • Client: Department of Communities
  • Timeframe-For-Completion: 6 Months
  • Contract Value: $2-3 Million

Up north in Jindowie, Yanchep the team completed the preparation of subdivided land for 56 residential lots. 14 lots forming Stage 18, and 42 lots forming Stage 19. This project didn’t always involve 56 lots however with the success of Stage 18 the client added a further 15 lots to Stage 19. Scope of works included; earthworks, limestone retaining walls, underground service installation, fencing, road works, footpath, and asphalt dual use path. The project also included the construction of 210m of 2.4m high Masonry Sound Wall which was an exciting install for the team!