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A key part of our mission is to select, develop and retain an engaged workforce. To succeed in this mission, we have worked hard to build a supportive and cohesive team environment where the wellbeing of our team members is prioritised. We strive to create a workplace with consistent leadership, where good work is recognised and rewarded, and where our team is provided with ample opportunities to expand their skills and advance their careers.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

We offer suitable candidates the opportunity to gain new skills and qualifications while continuing to earn an income through a range of apprenticeships and traineeships. If you would like to be considered for one of these programs, email your résumé and cover letter with the subject line ‘Apprenticeships and Traineeships’ to densford@densfordcivil.com.au


We value the fresh perspective and enthusiasm new professionals bring to the team, and look forward to hearing from recent graduates. If you have completed a qualification in engineering, project management or another construction-related discipline and would like to be considered for a graduate role at Densford, email your résumé and cover letter with the subject line ‘Graduates’ to densford@densfordcivil.com.au

Work Experience

For those looking to gain experience in civil construction, we can offer placements in a range of construction, project management, and engineering-related fields. If you are currently studying or are considering a career in construction and would like to join us for a period of work experience, email your résumé and cover letter with the subject line ‘Work Experience’ to densford@densfordcivil.com.au

Indigenous Opportunities

We are continually working to facilitate a workplace that is inclusive and diverse, and believe that this is essential to building an adaptable, well-rounded team. We have a range of positions and traineeships available for both experienced applicants and those who are new to construction. Get in touch by emailing your résumé and cover letter to densford@densfordcivil.com.au, and let us know you’re interested in our Indigenous opportunities.