Jindowie Estate Development

  • Location:¬†Yanchep, WA
  • Client: DevelopmentWA
  • Timeframe-For-Completion: Current Works
  • Contract Value: $30 Million +

Densford has developed land for the Jindowie Estate since the beginning of 2013. The estate is positioned in the idyllic coastal suburb of Yanchep. Here our team have completed the preparation of subdivided land for over 800 residential lots and still counting. The scope of works across the years has included; major earthworks, installation of underground services, construction of limestone retaining walls and architectural walls (involving custom made aluminium balustrades and gates), noise walls, roadworks (including installation of a roundabout), footpaths, installation of street lights, and electrical works. Densford has always had great feedback from the client and principal engineer encompassing all aspects of the job, including the minimal impact works has had on Jindowie home owners and local traffic.