Crossroads Stage 3 & 4

  • Location: Forrestdale, WA
  • Client: DevelopmentWA
  • Timeframe-For-Completion: 16 Months
  • Contract Value: $14-15 Million

Alongside the Forrestdale Business Park West (FBPW) works Densford was awarded Crossroads Industrial Stage 3, and consecutively Stage 4. The scope of works across the stages involved; clearing and topsoil strip, import place and compact, earthworks, dewatering, diversion tracks and temporary works, drainage and sewer, roadworks, kerbing and footpaths, electrical works, construct potable water reticulation, mass block retaining walls, and underground service installations. Stage 3 in particular had its challenges; including the commencement of construction during one of the wettest July’s in 20 years, and during the peak of the Covid 19 pandemic. The team progressed well through to practical completion with no delays. They were even able to bring work online earlier to assist with the completion of the greater FBPW Project. Due to the success of Stage 3 Densford were awarded Stage 4 of Crossroads. The client and major stakeholders were very happy with the results.